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The Techno Innovation Park is an integrated complex for around-the-clock education and R&D activities.
It includes an advanced facility that houses engineering projects and a residence hall that promotes the English language ability and global awareness of students.
Building : 18 stories with one basement
Floor space : 14,300.24 pyeong (471,900 sq. meters)
Floor Room accommodation Type gender
1 Person 2 Person 3 Person
18F 38 5   48 Guest house  
17F   48 12 144 Dormitory female
16F   44 10 128 English Dormitory
15F   44 12 136 Dormitory male
14F   44 12 136
13F   48 10 136 English Dormitory
12F   48 10 136
11F   48 10 136
10F   48 10 136
9F   48 4 108
8F   48 10 136 Dormitory
7F   47 12 142
total   513 112 1,474    
Floor Facilities
6F Fitness Club, GX-Room:
3~5F EH, Conference hall, Video Room
2F Conference Hall, Billiard Hall, Brasserie etc.
1F Bakery & Caf é , Fast Food Restaurant , Bank , Convenient Store , Bookstore , Stationery Store , Barber Shop , Hair Salon , Laundry Facility , Book Rental , Eyeglass Store, etc.
B1 Food Court, Snack Bar, KPU Arts Center
Engineering House : 3-5F
The building can house up to 100 projects. Students participating in the projects are given preference in employment at member companies upon graduation. They can continue to improve their engineering expertise by participating in re-education programs run by partner companies under the "EH Graduate A/S System."
Residence Hall : 7F~17F
The residence hall can accommodate some 1,600 students, professors and corporate researchers participating in EH projects. The hotel-class residence, with a total of 668 rooms ranging from singles to four-person rooms, provides an optimum environment for its residents to engage in around-the-clock education and R&D activities
English Dormitory : 7F~17F
In order to improve the international communication skills of students, 336 out of the 668 residence hall rooms have been set aside for English immersion. Native English-speaking professors help students in their conversational English at the English Cafe and Club, which is considered a 2-credit elective course.
Guest House : 18F
The building contains a total of 42 studio-apartment-like rooms for guests and 5 VIP rooms for the whole families to use over 18 floors, in addition to a conference room and other convenience facilities.
Annex Unit : underground, 1F, 2F, 6F
The annex unit contains various convenience and leisure facilities, including: a gym (on 6th floor) to encourage physical fitness and healthy exercises; an art center (on the underground floor) that can be used to vitalize the local cultural and artistic activities; and a conference hall (on 2nd floor) to be used to hold a variety of events and conferences.

Convenient, Easy Living Accommodated by the Best Facilities
One bathroom per room (containing a sink, a shower booth, and a toilet);
Super-speed Internet provided (KT Megapass);
One fridge and quality furniture items per room;
Individual beddings (a bed sheet, a pad, a pillow case and a pillow, and a quilt) as well as regular laundry services provided;
An in-building laundry facility and a variety of lounges operated (the main lounge contains a PDP screen).

The Latest-Technology Security System
High-tech security service system installed throughout the building (provided by S-One);
Access controlled and monitored by on-site security guards and building managers;
Visitors’ access controlled and limited to the permitted floors only by the RF cards;
Closed-circuit (CC) TVs installed in the elevators and throughout the lounges (for monitoring and recording on a real-time basis);
The latest-technology digital door locks (with keys) installed on the room doors.

Convenience and Welfare Facilities for Richer, More Comfortable Living
Underground Floor / Food Court: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western-styled food and snacks available;
Snack Bar (Day Day): toasts, crepes, hot dogs, soft drinks, etc. / KPU Art Center (300 seats): a permanent base for theatre troupe ‘Kirin’, holds various cultural and artistic events;
1st Floor / Bakery & Café (Belepsi, etc.): bread and pastry, cappuccino, ice cream, etc. / Fast Food Restaurant (BBQ): fried chicken, beer, etc. / Bank, Convenient Store (GS25), Bookstore, Stationery Store, Barber Shop / Hair Salon, Laundry Facility, Book Rental, Eyeglass Store, etc.;
2nd Floor / Conference Hall (220 seats): for various events and conferences / * Billiard Hall, Brasserie (Beer Hunter), etc.
6th Floor: gym / Fitness Club: 29 fitness equipments for aerobic exercises and weight training; GX-Room: for yoga, jazz dance, etc.; Track: 140m, made of elastic gum.