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Educational purpose

Industrial development and the rapid transformation to a digital environment have increased the complexity and multidimensionality of problems in corporate management, thus placing greater responsibility on the role of business managers. The educational purpose of the Department of Business Administration is to foster future business managers of the diversified digital environment by helping students gain understanding of IT, receive extensive education on the internet industry, gain knowledge on SME management and company establishment, conduct research on actual cases, and formulate new theories based on knowledge of the fundamental fields of management (production, marketing, accounting, finance, human resources). Students are provided the opportunity to gain hands-on experience alongside professors by participating in various academic research and industry-university cooperation studies; share research results with colleagues through seminars and workshops; and work at significant departments of specialized research institutions, universities, and companies upon graduation.


Major Program Semester Mandatory
Course Credit
Course No.
Business Administration M.A 1 Mandatory Business Statistics 3/3  
Optional Business Strategy 3/3  
Modern Marketing 3/3  
Corporate Accounting Analysis 3/3  
IT Management 3/3  
Corporate Management Environmen Analysist 3/3  
Production & Operation Management 3/3  
Special Lecture on Business I 3/3  
Business Seminar I 3/3  
Business Research I 3/3  
Digital Business Mandatory Research Method 3/3  
Optional Internet Industry Research 3/1  
Company & Entrepreneurship 3/3  
Leadership & Organizational Behavior 3/3  
Production Plan & Control 3/3  
Financial Management 3/3  
SME Innovative Management 3/3  
Special Lecture on Business II 3/3  
Business Seminar II 3/3  
Business Research II 3/3  
Total : 18 classes 54/54