Computer Engineering

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Educational purpose

The educational purpose of the Department of Computer Engineering is to foster individuals who can understand advanced theory of computer engineering and apply actual approach technology. Graduates from this department will be computer engineering experts who can use networks, databases, embedded systems, and multimedia applied technology to apply creative technologies in the computer industry.


Major Program Semester Mandatory
Course Credit
Computer Engineering       Advanced Internet Security 3/3
    Advanced Database System 3/3
    Advanced Computer Network 3/3
    Advanced New IT 3/3
    Advanced Algorithm 3/3
    Advanced Software Engineering 3/3
    Application of Embedded System 3/3
    Advanced Computer Structure 3/3
    Digital Image Processing 3/3
    3D Modeling 3/3
    Communication Protocol Design 3/3
    Advanced Data Mining 3/3
    Software Architecture 3/3
    Advanced System Programming 3/3
    Image System Engineering 3/3
    Advanced Computer System 3/3
    Advanced Programming Language 3/3
    Advanced Information Processing 3/3
    Advanced Compiler 3/3
    Advanced Discrete Mathematics 3/3
    Advanced Operating System 3/3
    Advanced Pattern Recognition 3/3
    Advanced HCI 3/3
    Mobile Communication System 3/3
    Advanced Database 3/3
    Advanced Distributed Processing 3/3
    Advanced Embedded System 3/3
    Parallel Computer System 3/3
Total : classes /