Mechanical Design Engineeing

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Educational purpose

The educational purpose of the Department of Mechanical Design Engineering is to foster creative individuals who can plan products and design, interpret, develop, and evaluate mechanical systems to research, develop, and design automatic, precise, accelerated, and complex mechanical systems.


Major Program Semester Mandatory
Course Credit
M.A 1-1 Optional Engineering Mathematics 3/3
Optional Creative Engineering Design (I) 3/3
Optional Theory of Elasticity 3/3
Optional Optimum Design 3/3
1-2 Optional Advanced Mechanical System Design 3/3
Optional System Control 3/3
Optional Creative Engineering Design (II) 3/3
Optional Advanced Study of Intelligent Robot 3/3
2-1 Optional Advanced Nano-Engineering 3/3
Optional Advanced Hydraulic Control 3/3
Optional Six Sigma Design 3/3
Optional Mechanical System Diagnosis 3/3
Optional Advanced FEM 3/3
2-2 Optional New Product Development 3/3
Optional Advanced Mechanical Production 3/3
Optional Advanced Production Engineering 3/3
Optional Advanced Plastic Molding 3/3
Total : 17 classes 51/51