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Educational purpose

The educational purpose of the Graduate School of Digital Entertainment is to foster creative game experts who will play a pivotal role in the game industry, a field that is receiving much attention in the 21st century. To achieve this purpose, an advanced curriculum related with the practical application of games is operated through the specialization of game engine, game server, 3D computer graphics and game design, and in collaboration with many companies.


Major Program Semester Mandatory
Course Credit
Digital Entertainment M.A 1-1   Game Engine Theory 3/3
  Online Game Server 3/3
  Advanced Database 3/3
  Advanced Game Technology 3/3
Common Case Study I 2/3
1-2   Advanced Computer Graphics 3/3
  Advanced Artificial Intelligence 3/3
  Advanced 3D Game Programming 3/3
  Advanced Game Animation 3/3
  Case Study II 3/3
2-1   Game Software Engineering 3/3
  VR/AR Game System 3/3
  Real-time Simulation 3/3
  Direct X Shader 3/3
  Special Lecture Series I 3/3
  Thesis Research 1 3/3
2-2   Thesis Research 2 3/3
  Information Security 3/3
  Special Lecture Series II 3/3
  Next-Generation Game Technology 3/3
Total : classes 59/59