Energy and Electrical Engineering

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Educational purpose

Desperate measures are needed to solve the problem of high oil prices caused by the limitations of national resources, in addition to various issues related with the international environment, such as the climate change convention. In this situation, the green energy industry is emerging as the new growth engine of nations. Thus, the purpose of the Department of Energy & Electronic Engineering is to foster professionals who can manage the technical principles and operation of renewable energy that will produce electric energy. Furthermore, these individuals will be able to design, develop, and operate equipment and systems to transfer and process electric energy.


Major Program Semester Mandatory
Course Credit
Energy &
Electrical Engineering
M.A 1-1   Advanced Renewable Energy Ⅱ 3/3
  Electric Power System Analysis Ⅱ 3/3
  Advanced System Control Ⅱ 3/3
  Advanced Electromagnetics Ⅲ 3/3
1-2   Power MEMS Ⅱ 3/3
  Operation of Electric Power System Ⅱ 3/3
  Applied Technology of Superconductive Materials Ⅱ
(newly established course)
  Modern Control & Optimization Ⅱ 3/3
  Numerical Analysis of Electromagnetic Field Ⅱ 3/3
2-1   Energy Harvest Ⅱ (newly established course) 3/3
  Thesis Research on Energy Electricity Ⅱ
(newly established course)
  Advanced Superconductive Engineering Ⅱ 3/3
2-2   MEMS Nano Ⅱ (newly established course) 3/3
  High Efficiency Electric al Instruments Ⅱ 3/3
Total : classes /