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  • Master of Science (M.S.)
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Business Administration(MBA)*


  • The spring semester runs from the 1st of March to mid June and the fall semester runs from 1st September to mid December. Course offerings are limited during the summer(July-August)and the winter(January-February)semesters.


  • Credit Requirements
  • Master's Degree
    - Students must earn at least 27 credits, of which 18 or more must be course credits.- GPA(Grade Point Average)of 3.0/4.5 or above.
    *Credits earned from a previous master's course at KPU may be used to fulfill the Ph.D. course credit requirement.
  • Credit Information
    - One course credit is normally earned by attending one hour of lecture per week for the entire semester.
    - Generally, students take 6-10 credits (including the research credits) every semester.
    - For more information on credit hour designations, please contact the office of graduate school at KPU.
    (Tel : +82 +31 8041 0343, Fax : +82 +31 8041 0349)


  • Tuition & fees
    - Students shall pay their school expenses out of their own financial resources unless the decision on exemption from tuition & fees is made by KPU The Graudate Committee.
    - Tuition & fees for graduate students are estimated at US $6,500 per annum as of the 2004 academic year, which for subsequent years may be subject to change.
  • Housing
    - Dormitory residence is guaranteed. Each room is shared by two students. Students wishing to reside on campus should contact the Student Welfare Services Team
    (Tel : +82 +31 8041 0082, Fax : +82 +31 8041 0099) for a residence application right after their arrival at KPU.The annual dormitory fee is about US $2,200
  • Scholarship
    - students can apply for a KPU scholarship to cover part of their tuition and living expenses. The Graduate Committee will decide the amount and duration of scholarship for each student.


  • KPU recruits international graduate students twice (spring and fall) each academic year.
      Spring semester
    (starting from March 1st)
    Fall semester
    (starting from September 1st)
    Application deadline Procedure ~ October 30 ~ April 30
    Examination of applicant's documents Early November Early May
    Notification of admission resultsto the applicant* Early Decembe Early June
    Registration of admitted students no later than March 1 no later than September 1

    * The reviewing process will take about 4 weeks and only successful applicants will be notified by e-mail and letter.


  • Master's Program
    - Foreign national students who have or will have a bachelor's degree before enrollment (or its equivalent) are eligible for International Graduate Admission.
  • Application fee is US $55, which should be remitted to KPU Bank Account (Number : Kookmin Bank 914801-01-298447) in applicant (sender)'s name at the time of application, and applicant should submit a copy of the remittanceslip enclosed along with application materials for confirmation of the remittance of application fee.
    Application fee os not refundable once your application is filed at KPU.
  • A completed application form along with the full proper documentation (as mentioned below) should be filed with the Admissions Team, by deadline.
    1. completed International Graduate Application Form
    2. Statement of Purpose
    3. Statement of Financial Resources
    4. Two Letters of Recommendation from the educational institutions attended
    5. Academic transcripts & graduation certificates from all the colleges attended
    6. TOEFL score record (for students from non-English speaking countries)- The test taken more than 2 years prior to application for admission will not be considered.
    7. Optional :-Any material demonstrating applicant's scholastic ability


  • All the documents above must be official and original. The offer of admission may be revoked if a candidate's submitted documents are found to be false and counterfeit.
  • All the documents should be written in English, and if application documents including academic transcript are in a language other than English they should be translated into English with the proven seal of a notary public in your country.
  • We shall only accept your application documents which arrive at KPU by the deadline corresponding to your expected admission schedule. We do not take any responsibility for a failure in delivery of application documents by the deadline.
  • Please send your application documents to the following address :Section of Academy Affair, KOREA POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY 2121 Jeongwang-dong Siheung-City Gyeonggi-Do 429-793, Republic of Korea If you have any question, please contact Admissions Team, KPU.
    Tel : +82-31-8041-0343
    Fax. +82-31-8041-0349
    E-mail : (attention : Mr. Ju Han Park)
  • Master's Program
    -Department of Business Administration-Department of Mechanical Engineering
    -Department of Mechanical Design Engineering
    -Department of Nano-Optical Engineering
    -Graduate School of Digital Entertainment
    -Department of Mechatronics Engineering
    -Department of Industrial Design Engineering
    -Department of Biotechnology & Chemical Engineering
    -Department of New Materials Engineering
    -Department of Energy & Electrical Engineering
    -Department of Electronic Engineering
    -Department of Computer Engineering