Industrial Design Engineering

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Educational purpose

The Department of Industrial Design Engineering pursues the creation of new living cultures based on global intellect and creative emotion through extensive design education. It plans the necessary conditions, such as the function, structure, processing technology, economic feasibility, and aesthetics, of products that are mass-produced in companies. The educational purpose of this department is to develop product designers who are competent professionals and intellectuals equipped with refined taste, the capacity for creative R&D, abundant emotional sensibilities, and a design-management-oriented mindset through integrated and interdisciplinary training in the fields of scientific technology, humanities, and social science.


Major Program Semester Mandatory
Course Credit
Industrial Design
M.A 1-1   Industrial Design Theory 3/3
  Design Trend and Culture 3/3
  Information Design 3/3
  Product Design 1 3/3
  Product Design Engineering 2 2/3
  Design Seminar 1 3/3
  Thesis Research 3/3
1-2   Design and Psychology 3/3
  Design Methodology 3/3
  Digital Design 3/4
  Product Design 2 3/4
  Product Design Engineering 2 3/4
  Advanced Kinematics 3/3
2-1   Design Planning 3/3
  Design Theory 3/3
  Product Interface 3/4
  Advanced Design 3/4
  Public Design 3/4
  Advanced Ergonomics 3/3
2-2   Design Management 3/3
  Design Marketing 3/3
  Eco-Friendly Design 3/4
  Universal Design 3/4
  UX Design 3/4
  Design Seminar 2 3/3
Total : classes /