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Educational purpose

The educational purpose of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to equip students with specialized knowledge combined with machinery-related skills of industrial sites in order to foster talented individuals equipped with comprehensive design skills who can contribute to the global society. To achieve this purpose, various courses have been established in the fields of heat fluid, energy, design and processing, production automation, and mechanics. Furthermore, the department operates laboratories that conduct active research in various fields, including specialized academic research fields and in cooperation with relevant industries. The department places emphasis on fostering the ability to design new equipment, devices, and systems by researching various problems encountered at the industrial site. Additionally, the department is equipped with a mature industry-university cooperation system and maintains close relations with numerous businesses.


Major Program Semester Mandatory
Course Credit
M.A 1-1   Advanced Fluid Mechanics 3/3
  Plant Engineering 3/3
  Nano Engineering 3/3
  Advanced Ultra-Precision Positioning 3/3
  Advanced Refrigeration Engineering 3/3
  Classical Control Theory 3/3
  Advanced Dynamics 3/3
1-2   Continuum Mechanics 3/3
  Precision Machinery Design 3/3
  Advanced Heat Transfer 3/3
  Automobile Control System 3/3
  Combustion Engineering 3/3
  Flow Visualization 3/3
2-1   Applied Engineering Mathematics 3/3
  Design of Experiments 3/3
  Microfluidics 3/3
  Advanced Finite Element Analysis 3/3
  Advanced Special Processing 3/3
  Advanced Vibration Engineering 3/3
  Industrial Standard System 3/3
  Energy Environment Engineering 3/3
2-2   Advanced Heat System Design 3/3
  Intelligent Manufacturing System 3/3
  Advanced Thermodynamics 3/3
  Advanced Production Engineering 3/3
  Advanced Plastic Working 3/3
  Computational Thermo-Fluid Dynamics 3/3
  Ultra-Precision Machining 3/3
  Cryogenic Engineering 3/3
Total : classes /