Mechatronics Engineering

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Educational purpose

The educational purpose of the Department of Mechatronics Engineering is to foster professionals who can lead the industrial site by designing and applying the robot/intelligent mechatronics system based on knowledge of mechatronics. To achieve this purpose, the department converges and applies related studies, such as electricity, electronics, machinery, and computation, and researches the latest theories regarding design/application of intelligent robots, realization of intelligent integrated control system, design/operation of control equipment, and network between control systems in order to foster in our students a creative ability to realize intelligent mechatronics systems.


Major Program Semester Mandatory
Course Credit
/ Intelligent Control
M.A 1   Advanced Pattern Recognition 3/3
  Power Electronics 3/3
  Advanced System Control 3/3
  Embedded System 3/3
  Advanced Industrial Control SystemⅠ 2/3
  Adaptive Control System 3/3
  Engineering Mathematics 3/3
  Computer Vision 3/3
  Advanced Mechatronics System 3/3
  Automation Mechanism Design 3/3
  Industrial Data Communication 3/3
  Application of Motion/Vision System 3/3
2   Creative Engineering Design 3/3
  Advanced Computer Network 3/3
  Modern Control/ Optimization 3/3
  Intelligent Control System 3/3
  Advanced Industrial Control System II 3/3
  Digital Signal Processing 3/3
  Servo-Motor Application 3/3
  Wireless Data Communication 3/3
  Advanced Intelligent Robots 3/3
  MEMS/NANO System 3/3
  Intelligent Sensor Engineering 3/3
  Magnetic Circuit Design & Application 3/3
  Advanced Virtual Measurement 3/3
  Micro/Nano Robot 3/3
Total : classes 78/78