Nano-Optical Engineering

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Educational purpose

As a convergence technology of nano-material-optical-electronics and control-mechanical engineering, nano-optical engineering is developing rapidly to meet the industrial demand of the ever-changing 21st century. The 21st century is an era of nano and optical technologies. As a basic technology for developing advanced scientific technologies in the future, nano technology is an academic sector that is being actively researched in all scientific and engineering fields. The applied technological field of optical technology is very diversified, ranging from display and semiconductor lighting to optical information saving/processing, optical communication, optical design/development, and ultra-precision processing. The educational purpose of the Department of Nano-optical Engineering is to research and develop convergence technology and to foster convergence individuals in the fields of nano technology and optical technology, the core sectors of advanced scientific technology.


Major Program Semester Mandatory
Course Credit
Optical Nano M.A 1   Smart LEDⅠ 3/3
  Advanced Photovoltaic Engineering 3/3
  MEMSⅠ(Ⅰ) 3/3
  Advanced Nano-Semiconductor EngineeringⅠ 3/3
  Advanced LED EngineeringⅠ 3/3
  Advanced Optical Measurement Ⅰ 3/3
  Advanced Surface EngineeringⅠ 3/3
  Nano Phase Transformation Engineering 3/3
  Geometrical OpticsⅠ 3/3
  Optical System Design 3/3
  Advanced Optical EngineeringⅠ 3/3
  Advanced Optical Mechatronics Ⅰ 3/3
  Optical System Research Ⅰ(Ⅰ) 3/3
2   Advanced Modern PhysicsⅠ 3/3
  Advanced Nano-CrystallineⅠ 3/3
  MEMSⅡ(Ⅱ) 3/3
  Advanced Optoelectronic DevicesⅠ 3/3
  Advanced Wave OpticsⅠ 3/3
  Advanced Optical MaterialsⅠ 3/3
  Advanced Thermodynamics of MaterialsⅠ 3/3
  Semiconductor Physics Engineering 3/3
  Applied Optical Design 3/3
  Geometrical Optics Ⅱ 3/3
  Advanced Nano ProcessingⅠ 3/3
  Advanced Optical Mechanism Ⅰ 3/3
  Optical System Research Ⅱ 3/3
  Application of Nano Engineering Ⅰ 3/3
  LED Convergence Ⅰ 3/3
Total : classes 84/84