[LIBRARY] DBpia Instruction in May (including instruction for international students/ 10 TIP Points)

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This is online instruction provided by e-Journal DBpia that is subscribed to by the library.

Hope to interested people participate.

○ Who : All students and faculty members

            Especially, on May 27 and 28 will be provided english instruction for international students!

○ How : After checking the information in the URL, fill out the participation form.


○ Benefits : Provide 10 TIP Points and one Library coupon to anyone who has taken the instruction.

○ Recommendations 

. If you want to learn how to use e-Journal through DBpia and use it for your studies and assignments

. If you are interested in e-Journal in the entire topic area and want to learn more about DBpia

. Anyone who often use DBpia, but want to use it more effectively

* Prizes in the image are provided by DBpia

○ Basic instruction for library is provided individually among international students who applied for education on May 27 and 28.

   Please call 031-8041-0780 or visit library directly for inquiries.

 Contact : 031-8041-0780